Obama’s Foot in Mouth, Armstrong Apologizes, and the NFL Divisional Round

Every project begins somewhere.

It begins at WordPress.com.  I have been a part of several blogs and small online publications in the past.  It’s a great tool to reach a wide variety of people quickly and efficiently.  Expect coverage on sports, politics, social influences and lessons from management in comical, daily snapshots. 


Armstrong Apologizes, Not for ‘Roids Use

In an article on CNN.com, Ed Payne writes about Cyclist Lance Armstrong apologizing to Livestrong, according to a publicist, without mentioning his accused steroid use.  I’m quickly reminded of the mobster claiming he’s not a part of the mafia even though his brothers and father are members as well and he was seen at the scene of the crime. 

In the United States, citizens are not guilty by association.  In this case, look no further than the last vote for the Hall of Fame and ask the nominees associated with steroids (e.g. Clemens, McGwire) how well that is working out for them.



Playoffs Too Cold for Peyton

In search of his third outdoor playoff victory in the NFL, Peyton (or ‘Dome Manning’ as I will refer to him) couldn’t muster the strength to finish strong.  While his two interception night wasn’t the only reason the Bronco’s couldn’t defeat the Raven’s, Dome Manning’s playoff struggles continue.  Place the blame where you want.  The 70 yard touchdown strike blown by Rahim Moore (deep safety) among many other mistakes didn’t help Dome Manning prove his worth in January.

Dome Manning landed on one of the best teams with the worst home field advantage for this future Hall of Famer.  Imagine if he signed with the ‘9’ers.


Obama’s Speech Leaves His Foot in His Mouth

No fanfare for President Obama as he closes his first term by putting his foot down.  Obama declared from the beginning that the debt ceiling is non-negotiable.  In so many words, the United States promised to pay these bills, now we will pay them. 

Major Garrett reminded Obama of his voting record as a senator while comparing his stance to past presidents’:

“You, yourself, as a member of the Senate, voted against a debt ceiling increase… President Reagan in 1985, President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1990, President Clinton in 1997 — all signed deficit reduction deals that were contingent upon or in the context of raising the debt ceiling.”

In an attempt to remove his foot from his mouth, Obama declared that things were different, until last year when raising the debt ceiling brought us on the brink of default.

I do hope Obama is right this time, but I fear we’ve heard this before… 



Matt ‘Ices’ Wilson

Congratulations to Matty ‘Ice’ for squeaking one by the ‘Hawks.  Say what you must about Matt Ryan, but he’s Tony Romo with a better team. If this is the only playoff game he wins this year, I won’t be the only one making this claim.

Meanwhile, the ‘Hawks almost pulled it off again… Are the Falcons this good at winning, or have their opponents been that bad?  The ‘9’ers (my current Super Bowl pick) will be the real test.


The Theory of Micromanaging

To manage especially with excessive control or attention to details” (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/micromanagement).

If the business world was Twitter, the term ‘Micromanage’ would have the longest trending tenure.  This term refers to the management style that utilizes a manager who gives strict details to an employee on how to complete the project, and then manages every detail to the projects end.  If any of isn’t done as prescribed, then the manager takes over the project and finishes it themselves. 

It does not mean a manager who keeps connected with their employees, or wants to meet one-on-one in order to gain a better understanding and picture in order to improve efficiency and output.  As managers or coaches, we are building a team to compete.  Without an involved manager, teams will lack improvement. 

The loosely used ‘Micromanage’ takes away from the positives that true management and involved management promotes.  Let this term only be used by definition before the trend defeats even the best management styles.


Colin Runs Free

Fortune favors the bold.  Kaepernick’s promotion has created a monster that not even the greats may be able to stop.  The ‘9’ers should be able to push aside the Falcons, but the Patriots?  That is the best matchup.  Without Gronk, the ‘9’ers might be able to conquer the best team in the NFL.


Gronk Out, Running Game In

The best team in the NFL is the Patriots.  They are an offensive juggernaut with a defense.  A defense in Boston!  The Patriots are running the ball, throwing all over the field and stopping their opponents.  If they have a weakness, it’d be their special teams.  Is it a weakness?  I don’t believe so.

This year’s Patriots are easily their second best if not the best Patriots team to take the field.  They are doing everything they need to do to win games (run, score a lot of points, and keep the opponent from scoring a lot of points). 

The Patriots kryptonite may be Gronk once again.  Their recent Super Bowl loss was due to the same reason they will lose this year’s Super Bowl: Gronk is out.  It will be heartbreaking, but you read it here first.  The Patriots will lose this year’s Super Bowl to the ‘9’ers because when they needed Gronk the most, he wasn’t 100%.


More to come… tomorrow.


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