NY Assaults Weapons Amendment

When sports players shoot themselves in their legs, or commit a murder-suicide, this type of legislation seems pointless.  If we take a step back, and look at the major shootings in our history it becomes more understandable.  No weapons ban or control can prevent violent or deadly crimes, but if we can save one life, isn’t it worth it?  What if we can save ten?  A hundred?

It can be argued that the 2nd Amendment referred to hunting weapons and maintaining an organized local military, not privatized weapons arsenals. 

New York’s response: Limit magazines to seven bullets; standardize statewide licensing; extend an assault weapons ban. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed this “common-sense” bill today. 

Who will follow?  President Obama will be discussing his proposal tomorrow.

It will be an interesting couple months as our governments figure out where we go from here.



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