Four Youngsters Pressure Public to Accept Gun Initiative

Today, President Obama put into motion a proposal that will restrict military-style assault weapons,  high-capacity cartridges limited to 10 bullets or less, removing background check loopholes, continue research to uncover links to gun violence, and strengthen Health Care providers ability to circumvent any possible gun violence events before they happen.  This fight may take more than the support of 4 young students brought on stage to get it to pass the House or Senate.

Gun control is the Democratic Party’s Achilles heel.  The liberal party is far from a party for gun control, but has been the only party to hint at changing and modifying gun laws in recent decades.  The NRA has effectively labeled the Democratic Party as the party that wants to take away your guns.  Of course this isn’t true.  The stigma of this label, however, will be seen as these proposals reach the floor and many from both parties vote against this bill. 

Many of the ideas brought up in this plan (mainly limiting magazine size and increasing background checks) are common sense changes; however, the fear of losing reelection will circumvent any progress this bill may create.

The United States is moving closer to an expansion of same-sex marriage rights and marijuana legalization; gun control will need to follow the same path: state by state.  New York took the initiative yesterday, many will follow suit.  An essential issue begins at the state level.  With controversial topics that have a mixed following, let it test the courts in state levels, then progress to the national level.


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