Spy-gate and the Death of Belichick’s Super Bowl Record

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for their convincing victory over the Pats on Sunday. I was expecting a Pats-‘9ers Super Bowl, but instead we have the Har-Bowl. We’ll take it. The Ravens and ‘9ers should be an interesting match on its own pitting two brothers, two good defenses, and two explosive offenses against each other.

What is most puzzling is the Pats ability to fail in winning or reaching the Super Bowl the last several years with their finest rosters to date. In fact, the Pats haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spy-gate was uncovered in 2007.

This isn’t a coincidence.

The NFL is filled with great talent. Most teams (if not all) are competitive on any given Sunday. What separates the greats from the mediocre falls on coaching, a consistent and steady ownership/general manager, and some luck.

The Pat’s may have been successful in gaining an edge through ‘spying,’ even if other teams are guilty of it as well. It is not unreasonable to think that a great mind such as Belichick’s can uncover more from spying then a different coach with the same information. This spy technique may explain how his past less talented teams won three Super Bowls, while his latest few with a better roster (including one team that went undefeated in the regular season) couldn’t win the big game.

There is no doubt that Belichick is a great coach. He has made a dynasty out of a franchise that wasn’t known for being a dominate foe, yet the last six years we’ve seen the best teams continue to fail in the post season.

Bad Karma is well deserved for the Pat’s. So here is to the ‘9ers trying to overcome Ray Lewis and the Roulette Raven’s (you never know which team will show up).

I’m still rooting for Colin Kaepernick, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raven’s pull this one off.

I pick the Ravens, 35-28.


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3 responses to “Spy-gate and the Death of Belichick’s Super Bowl Record”

  1. aidanfromworcester says :

    As a pats fan this is well said. I disagree about the value of the spying. I’d say the tuck rule was more beneficial. Here’s my thoughts feel free to comment and cast your vote. http://aidanfromworcester.com/2013/01/21/bernard-pollard-shows-us-how-they-dance-in-fort-wayne-pats-lose-pastor-ray-preaches-kill-me-now/

    • robbyvega says :

      The tuck rule definitely helped, but that rule was always in the books. I’m not a Patriot fan, but they definitely make the playoffs interesting (they do join the tournament on a yearly basis).

      I enjoyed your post as well, I look forward to reading more.

  2. jumpingpolarbear says :

    The Patriots will be back! Can’t wait for the Superbow :).

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