Amada the Beautiful

I’m not much of a foodie, but the Spanish tapas were delightful. Amada offers a wide variety of Spanish appetizers that satisfy even a picky eater such as myself.

My favorite dish was their Croquetas de Jamon, which was a light appetizer consisting of a warm blend of ham and cheese that was lightly breaded. It didn’t take our party of four long to clean this plate.

As soon as the croquetas were finished, more appetizers appeared. It didn’t take long for our party to clear the table. Next came dinner.

The main course (if you can call it that) that I enjoyed most was their beef flatbread: Costillas de Ternera Coca. It was a short rib flatbread with horseradish, parmesan, and bacon. The horseradish concerned me, so I ordered it on the side. To my amazement, it wasn’t as potent as expected and paired nicely with the short rib.

This was my first true adventure into Spanish cuisine. I’ve never been drawn to the Mediterranean taste of Greek or certain Italian foods, but the appetizers served in Amada have peaked my interest. I look forward to adventuring into some more risqué Mediterranean options in the future.

Friday is the last day of Restaurant Week in Philadelphia. If you get a chance to sample the great restaurants in the area, consider Amada for a unique Spanish Cuisine taste.


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