Women, Be Careful What You Wish For

A great story broke today. Coverage of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hearing about the terrorist attack in Libya has pushed the most exciting news story that came out today: today is the day the Pentagon ends the ban on women in combat.

As a self-proclaimed feminist, I can say I’m proud to be an American as our military begins to prepare for women to be in equal and similar positions as men. When it is official in 2015, women may still be excluded from certain operations or positions; however, this is a big step towards the ever elusive equal rights that minorities and women seem to near, but never reach.

There still exists a difference in pay between men and women in comparable employment. Stereotypes and sexism still exist, while sexual harassment and rape continues to be a controlling tool in many parts of our society. The United States is still far from being truly equal and free.

In 2013, we can now say that we are another step closer to changing this.

Our society isn’t perfect. Our economical and cultural standards may never truly grasp the idea of true equality, but we are getting closer and closer to perfecting true ‘equal opportunity.’

“Equal opportunity’ brings on even greater responsibility. As the years continue with new opportunities in the military for women, the conversation will come up on draft eligibility. I am against the draft. It deteriorates the quality of our military and should be unnecessary in a democratic society that makes wartime decisions based on a vote. If it were up to me, the draft would be dissolved…

…but it’s not up to me.

I hope that this move in equality isn’t used to expand the draft. A volunteer army is more efficient and effective on the battlefield. Let us find better ways in the future to prepare our citizens for war so these circumstances may never arrise.

Women equality in the military isn’t as big as earning the ability to vote, but it is this centuries biggest move towards true ‘equal opportunity.’


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