Let the Gerrymandering Begin!

Well, not quite.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the GOP had a lot of soul searching to do after giving up a second term to the ‘crazy liberal’ that they fear. Two presidential elections won decisively by Obama has led the GOP to take drastic steps to save face.

Next on the agenda: Virginia.

That’s right, Virginia.

Virginia is among several Conservative states looking to modify their electorate by splitting electoral votes based on judicial districts won. The thinking is that instead of giving 13 electoral votes to a democrat victor (such as the case of Obama in Virginia), we’ll give him 4 of 11 based on the congressional districts Obama won. That means Romney would have earned 7 electoral votes in a state he lost the popular vote.

It is common for a state to redistrict areas in order to maximize their party’s influence (Gerrymandering); both parties are guilty of it, so let the Gerrymandering continue! ::cough:: sore losers…


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