Missing: Palin

Sarah Palin’s nomination as VP for former Presidential Nominee John McCain was a bold move. Some would say suicidal, while others would claim revolutionary.

The only thing revolutionary about it was how quickly the Obama campaign was able to dismantle their platform on their way to the White House.

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Saturday Night Live until Tina Fey became the anti-Palin; nor was I a big fan of Fox News until Palin was commentating. Sarah Palin made the extreme right entertaining, and mock-worthy.

Sarah Pahlin is accomplished. She was Governor of Alaska, she was almost a Presidential Nominee, and she is more successful than many of us will ever be. This isn’t meant as an assault on her character, but an assault on what she represents. We are single-serve consumers of celebrities and entertainers. We are always searching for the next big idol.

For 2008, Pahlin was our idol.


Past tense.

Now SNL is a distant memory for me (outside of an Eli Manning host and his infamous courtroom scene), and Fox News is moving forward (without our heroes ::cough:: Pahlin and Glenn Beck).

The world will miss our former VP candidate.

Or is the world better off? Before you read this, did you even know she was already gone? Probably looking out her window at Russia solving our country’s foreign policy and sounding more and more like Bobby’s mother from Bobby’s World.


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2 responses to “Missing: Palin”

  1. jumpingpolarbear says :

    There is one thing that Palin is not.. and that is boring :).

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