Yuck! Gas Leak!

Since moving to South Bethlehem, I’ve come across several stories if gas leaks. An explosion here, a leak there. Stories from an aging infrastructure in a city starving since its source of wealth has moved on.

I came to the area after witnessing a similar city in a similar situation. Scranton struggles since losing coal. Bethlehem struggles since losing steel. It’s a fact of life.

Now I witness this on a chair in my roommate’s grandparents house while the gas company digs up the street outside our home in search of failed infrastructure. Aged convenience. Disrepair. This is the capitalism we try to forget by focusing the American Dream on the next big thing.

Who remembers the uranium mines in Utah?

Sometimes history passes us by before we notice. Take a moment, absorb the world around you. There may be a day when even the Internet no longer exists.


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About robbyvega

Supervisor for a telecommunications company interested in pursuing a better understanding of the business and social world.

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