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On the Seventh day, He…

… taketh Mail Service away.

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. If it were up to me, we’d get mail three times a week (or once a week the more I think about it). Mail can come the day before garbage day that way my junk mail can be discarded immediately.

Technology has moved us past a daily supply of mail. If anything, it’s our reluctance to change rather than our ability to access information that is holding us back.

Our computers can check email. Our phones can check email. Soon our TVs and even our refrigerators can check our email. We’re at a point where the USPS needs to redefine itself.

This is my proposal to fix the USPS:

1. Eliminate transporting and sorting mail. Every person has a federally issued email address that can be accessed online and assigned to an address. Any messages are either emailed, or scanned and delivered to that address. If someone doesn’t have access to the Internet, then a delivery car with an onboard laptop and printer with 4G Internet will deliver mail printed on site (for a fee that will be assessed like a utility based on frequency of deliveries).

2. Eliminate post offices. This will be accomplished by kiosks that allow users to type letters or scan letters (with an included paper shredder for private documents) that will then email the letters to another user (which will either be delivered to their email or printed and delivered by car). This method will also assess a fee.

The most important part is the elimination of loading mail into a truck and driving it across the country. It also eliminates the need to sort mail.

This is the solution for an outdated system.


Snow Day

The northeast is preparing for possible record breaking snow. Some estimates as high as 30 inches in the Boston Mass. area. Of course my town will be lucky to break 4 inches, but we can’t all have all of the fun!

Why the big difference? Because its going to be too warm for snow. That’s correct. We will be enjoying mostly rain while further North enjoys snow. Take lots of pictures, and be safe.

Super Bowl: the Day After

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong. The Patriots and the ‘9ers didn’t meet in the Super Bowl. The ‘9ers didn’t win. If there is any saving face I can do today, I say that it was a great game.

The power outage sparked the ‘9ers into almost completing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. It wouldn’t have had a chance without the 35 minute blackout interlude. We got what any football fans deserve: 60 minutes and the game came down to the final couple minutes.

This is as great of a victory for Flacco as it is for Kaepernick. Flacco is no longer the Romo of the AFC; Kapernick continued to prove that these ‘9ers are better off with him. With Smith, the ‘9ers could never recover from that kind of deficit.

I’m looking forward to a rematch.